All donations to SEE go directly into the school budget to cover core costs such as rent, heating and insurance. The more we can fundraise the more accessible we can make our school.  

Equipment & materials

We have a long wish list of art supplies, materials, equipment, tools, musical instruments, toys and more. Please get in touch if you have anything that might be useful.

Your time & expertise

We also appreciate your time and expertise to help us raise additional funds through organising events, contacting potential donors and making grant applications.

Why donate?

A donation from you could help make our dream a reality.

Your donation would allow us to welcome more students into a learning environment that has the potential to foster real change in society – in a myriad of ways.

Your donation would not just impact on one student, one family, one community but has the potential to positively impact many lives now and in the future.

Only through the generosity of people can we realise the full potential
of the School of Empowering Education.

We would love to chat with you about investing in us and our plans for future generations 

Katrina Sheerin, Director