A place to thrive

The School of Empowering Education aims to have two intakes a year – one in September and one in January.

The School of Empowering Education wants to ensure that the school is the right place for each student and that it will provide an environment where they can thrive.

We therefore encourage a number of steps prior to enrolment including open days and time for prospective students to experience the school first hand.  


We recommend that before you enroll you learn about our school and self-directed education to assist you in your decision making about whether our school is the right fit for you.
Below are some suggestions.

You are welcome to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form at any time of the year. That way we can make sure you are invited to upcoming open days or school community events. 


Attend one of our public meetings, watch some of the recommended documentaries or read about the democratic school model and its philosophy – follow the link below to a list of resources on our Research page.


Have a chat with us – send us an email to organise a time to chat about our school, our fees, or other aspects of our school.

We would also be happy to connect you with some of our other parents who are happy to talk to you about their experiences and decision making.

Open days

Attend one of our open-days which will be advertised on our website, our social media pages and shared with any prospective students who have submitted EOIs

Experience the school

Once our school is established we ask that each prospective student spend a minimum of one week as a visiting student to help them, their family, and the School decide about enrolment. For the September intake this would ideally take place in the preceding May/June and for the January intake in the preceding November/December.

For students joining us in September 2023 this step will not be required.


Fees for September 2023 will be between €2,400 and €8,000 – the exact figure will be agreed in discussion with each parent based on their income and ability to pay.

See the Enrolment Form for more info – link at bottom of page. 

Why do we charge fees?

As we do not follow the State curriculum we do not receive any State money. For this reason we are actively looking for funding through donations, grants and fees for the running and upkeep of the school. 

The School of Empowering Education is a not-for-profit organisation in the process of applying for charitable status.

All of the funding we receive will be invested in the school. 


Once you are ready to enrol simply :

  • fill out the Enrolment Form – see link below
  • pay the relevant deposit once a place is offered and accepted
  • get ready for the first day of school!