Our research

Experiencing democratic schools

In May 2021 we had the absolute privilege of spending a week immersed in Sligo Sudbury School to experience a democratic school first-hand. We observed their morning circles, the workings of their Judicial Committees, the workshops, the playing, the interactions and the learning.

Staff and students were incredibly welcoming and open, answering all of our many questions. 

We are hugely grateful to all of them for sharing so much and allowing us to learn so much from them. 

We look forward to visiting Wicklow Democratic School and Cork Democratic School over the coming months.

Other research

Books, films, infographics..

There is an ever growing number of great explainers of how and why democratic education works. 

We recommend exploring the resources pages of Wicklow Sudbury School and Sligo Sudbury School for comprehensive lists of relevant books, films and infographics.

Dive in and enjoy!