Our school

The students are at the heart of everything we do and their learning environment is our greatest priority. We are dedicated to creating the best possible school we can that works for each and every child.

Our local community

Connections with our local community help shape our school environment through our parents, volunteers, mentors, summer camps and more.

Our national networks

We are committed to enabling more children to have options when it comes to their education and are supporting the DemEd national network to make this possible. 

About us

We are a democratic school where everyone’s voice matters

Every student and every member of staff has a say in how the school is run. This builds community, responsibility and empowerment.

Our school is grounded in our values of equality, inclusivity and care for the Earth.

Our values are the things we hold precious. Our values are key to how we govern, share and learn. 


To us equality does not mean everyone is treated the same because we know we are not all the same – we need and want different things. To us, equality means everyone has equal opportunity to have their say and to influence how the school grows. 


We value diversity and believe everyone should be appreciated for who they are. Inclusion is about allowing people real opportunities to communicate, build meaningful relationships and find meaning. 

Care for the Earth

Care for the planet is at the heart of all of our decision making. It has to be. That care includes the culture we create and the respect we show to others. 

Do you want to join us?

There are many ways you can help our school thrive and grow – you could join as a student, volunteer, staff member, donor or advocate.

Find out about our admissions process here.

If you have time to give to working in the school on a regular or short term basis or if you want to support the work of the DemEd national network get in touch. 

Our school does not receive government funding as we are an ‘independent’ school. If you would like to support what we do we appreciate donations of any size. 

Any questions? 

We are always happy to hear from people whether it’s to get involved or just to find out more. 

Get in touch

“Children come into the world burning to learn and genetically programmed with extraordinary capacities for learning. They are little learning machines…Nature does not turn off this enormous desire and capacity to learn when children turn five or six. We turn it off with our coercive system of schooling. The biggest, most enduring lesson of school is that learning is work, to be avoided when possible.”
Peter Gray – Author ‘Free to Learn’, developmental psychologist, research professor